Over two years ago I underwent major surgery and since then I have suffered from a serious back injury. My prolonged inactivity resulted in significant weight gain which I was very unhappy about, my confidence diminished and I felt like I had lost myself. On the advice of my physio I joined a gym in the hope that it would strengthen my back, improve my fitness, regain my confidence and self esteem and shed the extra weight.

During one of my workouts I noticed Ian putting someone through their paces and all though slightly apprehensive, booked a session. Ian was very thorough going over my medical history and finding out what I wanted to achieve before we started. He worked with me to build a programme specifically to my needs, which we review and update each session. I am currently half way through my first block of sessions with Ian and have already noticed significant improvements, my strength and stamina have increased substantially, my weight is coming down and I am regaining my confidence.

Ian’s enthusiasm is contagious, through his motivation, knowledge, patience and support I have surprised myself and maybe Ian a little with how much we have achieved in such a short time. With thanks to Ian I am already fitter than I thought I could be and each session we go from strength to strength. This was a great decision and I would highly recommend Ian as a Personal Trainer. My results speak for themselves. – Sarah