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My Story

I was 13 when I was christened ‘Bison’ for the first time...

was 13 when I was christened ‘Bison’ for the first time. I was playing rugby against my older brother and his friends when one exclaimed ‘look at him, he’s rampaging like a bison!’ the name stuck and years later friends and relatives still call it me. When it came to naming my business, it was a no-brainer!

Lifestyle Overhaul!

I was very sporty during my school years but on going to University I fell into a typical student lifestyle of booze, junk food and a complete lack of exercise. I eventually came away from University with a degree in Leisure Management but a body that tipped the scales at over 22 ½ stone. After experiencing health problems linked to my weight I decided enough was enough. I took up running and jujitsu and started playing football again. Daily exercise and managing my diet became the norm and I eventually reduced my weight to 14 stone.

During this period of weight loss I was working as a Civil Servant in the Department for Education. Although I eventually became a Project Manager in a relatively senior position I always felt like a round peg in a square hole with a number of unhappy years working there sending me into a spiral of anxiety and depression.

REPS L4: Obesity and Diabetes Specialist

ITEC: Diploma in Sports Massage

ITEC: Taping and Strapping

REPS L4: Behaviour change

REPS L3: Exercise Referral

REPS L3: Personal Trainer

REPS L3: Nutrition and Weight Management

REPS L3: Client psychology

REPS L3: Advanced Anatomy

REPS L3: Functional Equipment Training

REPS L2: Gym Instructor

REPS L2: Exercise for Fat Loss

REPS L2: Advanced Resistance Training

2:1 BA Hons – Leisure and Tourism Management

Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner Project Manager

First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

I eventually decided on a career change, where I could be my own boss, be passionate about my work and help people based on my own experiences. From this process of change Bison Personal Fitness was born.

Feel free to get in touch

Feel free to get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to book a session with me, I am available Mon-Fri 8am-8pm

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