My sessions are tailored to meet each of my client’s individual goals. I am very keen to educate and explain why I choose certain workouts and then walk clients through these, building their understanding and exercise knowledge base. For me it is critical that clients have input into training plans so they can take ownership whilst working towards their goals.

I am a big fan of supersets when working with clients, putting 2 or more exercises together in a set to work the same, opposing or neighboring muscle groups. Being 1 on 1 in my gym allows us to do this more effectively than a public gym when there is frequently competition to get on a particular piece of kit.

Focus In The Gym

I use a number of different styles during training sessions and these can be dictated by what a client would like to work on, how they are feeling on the day or even if I identify an area during warm up that needs particular attention. Some examples of different styles of session I have with my clients include:

Traditional strength and power sessions

  • Flexibility sessions (normally if I have noticed that there are restrictions in the back and shoulders, during warm-up)
  • Circuit training
  • PHA training (peripheral heart action). A style of training that maximises calorie burn by alternating upper and lower body exercises.

Focus At Home

I am keen to develop training plans for my clients for when they are away from the gym. All plans are complementary as part of my personal training support package. These can include:

  • A plan for clients to use at their gym
  • A plan for clients to use at home (if they have kit)
  • A bodyweight exercise plan
  • A running plan
  • A cycling plan
  • A plan incorporating any of the above