As a therapist I am interested in helping my clients recover from injury, utilising skills such as deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques (METs). Given my experience as a Personal Trainer I am also able to offer advice and guidance on exercises and lifestyle changes to encourage fast, effective recovery. When necessary, I incorporate postural analysis and regular testing to help assess the progression of my client’s rehabilitation. 

A large proportion of the clients I treat come for regular massage therapy to alleviate back and shoulder tension and chronic conditions. Depending on the need, massage can take the form of a more strenuous treatment, utilising pressure and tools, such as massage gun that allows me to work deep into muscle fiber. Alternatively, I am happy to offer lighter more remedial treatments to de-stress and reenergise my clients. It really is up to you!

I am happy to play music during the massage to help my clients relax and only use premium Songbird massage wax for treatment.

As mentioned, clients on a package of support are able to switch booked personal training sessions with massage sessions and vice versa. All I ask is that notice is given if you plan to do this so I can ensure that the room is properly cleaned and disinfected and that the temperature of the room is conducive for treatment.